Implementation & Upgrades

Arbiter Software is committed to your success with our software. We're here to help you throughout the entire solution deployment — from strategy and consulting to implementation and management — with unsurpassed depth of expertise and breadth of service offerings to deliver real business results with confidence.

Arbiter Software offers two base implementation packages for the deployment of our software – 'Quick Start' and 'Enterprise'.

Duration: 5 days:

  • Training : Up to four hours of knowledge transfer
  • Implementation of ACCE
  • Configuration of general rules and policies
    • Define AutoSys Instances
    • Define Environment: Change Windows, SLAs and Lead Times
    • Configure Business Units: Map fields, users, job name standards
    • Configure General Settings: Select policies on migrations, syntax checking, name standard validation, etc.
    • Configure Users, Notifications, Responses and Change Types
    • Add Report Settings (paths) and related User Permissions
    • License Info

Duration: 5 days:

  • Backing up of ACCE database and Apache Tomcat
    • Requires shutdown of ACCE
  • Upgrade of ACCE host server
    • Installation of new autosys client/agent (if necessary)
    • Installation of updated java version (if necessary)
    • Installation of Apache Tomcat (if necessary)
    • Update of system environment variables (if necessary)
  • Running Upgrade utility
    • Start Tomcat service backup (update requires the ACCE tomcat service to be running)
      • Additional backups are taken by the upgrade utility
    • Apply new license key (if necessary)
  • Upgrade/Update of SQL Server Reports
    • Upload to SSRS
    • Configuration inside ACCE
  • Make configuration changes (if necessary)
    • Changing of autosys servers or databases
    • Backend configuration of EEM servers or Path to required ACCE external jar files
    • Update of LDAP settings
  • Knowledge Transfer

  • Go over updates and new functionality of the ACCE
  • Show how to properly utilize new features
  • Description and Interpreting ACCE reports

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