Automation Change Control Expert

Lifecycle Management for Workload Automation

Change Management Plays a Critical Role for Workload Automation Deployments

IT Operations teams are realizing the importance of applying lifecycle management practices to their workload automation solutions. As complex job processes and their dependencies span the enterprise, it's critical to understand who is making changes and what is being changed. Lifecycle Management has the same benefits for Workload Objects (Job Definitions for example) as it does for code modifications in Software Development. Change is a source of enterprise risk and batch workloads often support some of the most mission critical business processes in any company such as payroll, invoicing and supply chain management. Whether it's a result of government regulations or management mandates that drive the need, Lifecycle Management is an often overlooked, yet still a very important area for IT Operations teams to gain control of. Arbiter Software's Automation Change Control Expert provides that capability.

Service Management Integration

Integrating Workload Automation (WA) through Service Management tools has always been a challenge. WA must now incorporate the ability to approve and manage change for their WA changes via these SM tools. ACCE provides seamless ability to manage these changes with their Integration API to allow for integration with big players in the Service Management space like Servicenow, Remedy and Maximo. Developers can simply go through these tools to request changes to their Workload Automation AE when they are ready to be migrated.


Management is constantly pressured to do more with less. This is often difficult given the consistent growth associated with Workload Automation. ACCE provides an additional layer of management with all the necessary automation and controls to grow without sacrificing accuracy.

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